Elemore Hall is a Durham County Council Special School and as such all referrals must be made through the Statutory SEND Casework Team, Children and Young Peoples Services, Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham. Telephone:- 03000 265 878

Once the school receives a referral from the local authority, if we have a place available the pupil and their parents/carers will be invited into the school for a look around and an introductory meeting with our Transition Coordinator, Michael Forster.

We appreciate that changing school can be a daunting event for a child and a big decision for their parents or carers. Our intention is to make the transition process as stress free as possible. A visit to the school usually lasts between an hour and a half and two hours, we would only ever see one pupil at any one time in order to give the pupil and their parents/carers personal attention and the space to find out as much about the school as possible. We aim to ensure that all parties are happy about the placement before any final agreement is made. Usually decisions are made quite quickly, however sometimes pupils and parents might visit at different times or need more visits before making a decision. As a school, once we have a decision we will move quickly to start the transition process, however we will not pressure parents/carers into making a decision as they need to feel comfortable.

We offer the opportunity to visit the school to any prospective pupil and/or parent/carer even if the formal referral process has not yet begun.

Please see our Admissions and Leaving Policy for more information.