The school understands that there may occasionally be times where an individual or group might be unhappy with something connected with the school. We would prefer to resolve any issue quickly and informally, however we know that sometimes this may not be possible. For these situations the school has a Complaints Policy - this outlines the different types of complaint and the procedure for making a complaint.

Complaints relating to support for pupils with SEN

The school recognises that occasionally parents/carers may be concerned about the quality, type or amount of support their child might be receiving to support their Special Educational Needs. As a school we are committed to working closely with parents/carers and would be happy to explain how we work with pupils, what different types of support we provide and why and how more support can be arranged if it is found necessary. If you have any questions or concerns the first point of contact for this discussion would be your child’s Personal Tutor. If they are unable to answer your questions or if you still have some concerns then Mr Hunter (Deputy Head) will be happy to speak with you by telephone or, if you prefer, to meet with you in school.

If school staff are unable to satisfy your concerns about the support that the school is providing for your child then there are a number of things that you could do. You could raise the matter at the next review of your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan, you could contact the Durham Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) for help and support, you could contact the local authority SEND Casework Team on 03000 265 878 or you could make a complaint to the school - see the Complaints Policy for details.