The Classroom Curriculum

The school day curriculum at Elemore Hall is dynamic and varied combining the subjects that any school would be expected to teach (English, Maths, Science, etc) with some more unusual areas of study such as Bushcraft and Outdoor Pursuits. We believe strongly in constantly looking at what we offer to pupils and trying to make it as appropriate, meaningful, enjoyable and accreditable as possible.

Pupils in Key Stage 3  follow courses in English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Art, Drama, Environmental Science, Humanities (History & Geography), Physical Education, Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Music and Culture (PSHE, RE and Citizenship).

The subjects studied at Key Stage 4 build upon those followed in KS3 and wherever possible lead to accreditation. In addition pupils take part in practical courses in Bushcraft and Outdoor Pursuits. All pupils follow the same curriculum, there are no options. Subject and accreditation offered are as follows:

English                           GCSE English, Entry Level Certificate

Maths                             GCSE Mathematics, Entry Level Certificate

Science                          GCSE Biology

Environmental Science  BTec Level 1/2 in Land Based Studies or Horticulture

ICT                                  GCSE Digital Photography

Art                                   GCSE Art (Endorsed and Unendorsed)

Humanities                     Entry Level Certificate (History)

PE                                   BTec  Level One Certificate in Sport and Active Leisure

Food Technology          GCSE Food Technology, Entry Level Certificate, Basic Food Hygiene Award

Resistant Materials        GCSE Resistant Materials, Entry Level Certificate

Music                              Rockschool, Individual Instrument Graded Examinations

Culture                           GCSE General Studies, GCSE PSHE

Bushcraft                        Wider Key Skills

Outdoor Pursuits           Climbing (NICAS awards), Skiing (star awards), Canoeing (star awards)

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The 24 hour curriculum

Most of our pupils also participate in Extended Evening or Residential activities. These are provided Monday - Thursday evening. Pupils can join a regular activity or take part in an ad hoc session. For example there is a regular football activity at Soccarena that concludes with a trip to a League football match, this is a popular activity that is based upon the same participants attending every week, whilst swimming is offered three times a week to different pools and does not require the same committment. (more coming soon)

If you would like more details about the curriculum that we offer at Elemore Hall, please contact Mike Hunter (Deputy Headteacher) at the school.