The school aims to work closely with the different groups that are important in a pupil's life. Working together we can achieve more than we can if we work in isolation.

For many pupils their parents/carers are the most important people in their lives and it is therefore crucial that the school strives to develop a good relationship with them so that their child can be best supported. We use two main strategies for involving and including parents/carers:- firstly, every pupil has a personal tutor, this person will make regular telephone contact with parents/carers to keep them informed, and secondly, the school holds termly PAMs meetings that parents/carers are encouraged to attend. These meetings provide the opportunity for parents/carers to discuss their child quite informally and to work closely with the school.

Some pupils have involvement from outside agencies - the school aims to work closely with any agency involved with any of our pupils, this might involve social care, health professionals including CAMHS, YOS, Connexions/One Point, Fostering agencies, therapists and others.