The school works inclusively with all pupils to try and ensure that there is support where it is needed and that every pupil is encouraged to succeed.

In 2017-18 our Pupil Premium money is being spent in four main areas (Click here for details)

The first main area is Literacy withdrawal. We are employing a part time literacy support worker whose role is to work individually with pupils to develop their literacy skills through one-to-one withdrawal. The school has also purchased the Accelerated Reader programme and has re-stocked the school library with appropriate books.

The second area is Numeracy withdrawal. We are going to develop a discreet room to providing a warm and comfortable environment to support pupils in developing their mathematical skills. A member of support staff will be timetabled to spend part of the week withdrawing pupils from lessons for intensive support. The school also intends to purchase the Accelerated Maths scheme and other resources to support this.

Third.  To promote and improve school attendance and engagement a senior member of staff will spend up to three days per week working with families, the Educational Welfare Officer and other services. This involves a range of activities including:- home visits, attending TAFs, Care Team meetings, Attendance monitoring meetings and where necessary court and other legal proceedings.

Results from the past four years show that there is no difference in achievement between pupils who attract the Pupil Premium and those who do not.

Expenditure and Impact 2014-15

Expenditure and Impact 2016-17

Planned expenditure and action 2017-18