See what our past and present pupils say about us...

I got 9 GCSEs and am now at college working on more qualifications
— Jonathan
The Rolling Stones are a great band but after talking to staff I really appreciate The Beatles!
— Gary
All the Staff get involved in lessons... that makes me want to be involved
— Stan
I really like PE because we can all bond having a friendly game of Football
— Cain
I really like accelerated reader at Elemore Hall because you get rewarded while you are learning
— Amber
I enjoyed using the new short Tennis equipment in our new Sports Hall
— Robert
I think that Basketball is awesome. 9a and 9b are definitely getting better at it because our skills are good and our passing in the games is improving
— Callan
I love representing the school at Football
— Lewis
I get on with all the staff and pupils at Elemore Hall. They have helped me with all my problems and encouraged me to do well
— Graeme
I feel much more confident with Maths at this school, I really enjoy the subject
— Reece