Mealtimes are very important at Elemore Hall. The school directly employs it's kitchen staff to prepare high quality meals from fresh ingredients. Our menus are constantly changing to give pupils a wide range of different dishes and to make good use of seasonal produce and food grown in school. Lunch and tea are eaten in the dining room. Pupils sit at tables, usually with at least one member of staff, and eat together. There are two sittings at lunchtime (split into key stages) and one sitting for tea. Breakfast and supper for residents are taken on the living units.

Every lunchtime there is a hot meal with options. In addition to the main meal, diners can choose from home made soups, sandwiches and salads. There is always a dessert and whilst this usually includes a hot pudding, yoghurts and fresh fruit are invariably available.  Pupils are encouraged to have a meal and to try the different foods provided. If a pupil dislikes what they have chosen, they can select an alternative. If a pupil has eaten their first course and is still hungry they can usually have seconds (if it is available).

The evening meal usually starts between 5.00 and 5.15pm. There will be a simple choice of foods with a pudding, fruit and drinks.

Currently no charge is made for meals at the school.