All pupils at the school are expected to wear a uniform. We have purposefully chosen a simple and cost effective approach to this to enable all pupils to be able to wear it. The uniform consists of a white polo shirt and a plain royal blue sweatshirt, hoody or fleece (Year 11 pupils can wear Navy Blue rather than Royal Blue). The items should be plain and not have logos or designs. Pupils can wear any trousers as long as they are clean and appropriate. All pupils are expected to wear the uniform. Pupils who do not wear uniform will not be allowed on visits out of school. There will be rewards and incentives for those pupils who do wear their uniform.

The school has decided to use some Pupil Premium funding to provide all pupils with two polo shirts and two hoodies at the start of the Autumn Term, this ensures that all pupils have the correct uniform to start the school year. To support parents in providing additional uniform we have been able to purchase items at trade price, we can sell these on to parents at cost price with no profit for the school. If you would like to buy the items through school please contact the school for current prices. There is no need to buy through the school if you can find appropriate items elsewhere.


Pupils should wear sensible shoes/trainers. Espadrilles, sandals, steel toe capped boots, wellingtons, etc. are not suitable for everyday wear although these types of footwear may be appropriate whilst pupils are engages in specific activities, eg sandals on a trip to the beach, wellingtons when gardening.


It is essential that pupils bring a coat to school to keep them warm and dry during breaktimes and whilst on learning experiences outside the classroom.

Pupils who do not have appropriate clothing/footwear may be restricted in the lessons and activities that they are allowed to participate in and their freedom of movement around school.

PE lessons

It is a statutory requirement that all pupils follow a practical course in Physical Education. For health & safety and hygiene reasons, pupils are expected to change clothing and footwear for PE lessons. Pupils are expected to bring their own PE kit into school to use, this should consist of:-

-Shorts/tracksuit trousers, t-shirt, sweatshirt,

-spare socks & underwear,

-training shoes with non marking soles for use in the sports hall (different from those worn during the school day),

-training shoes for use outside

-pupils may also bring football boots and training tops into appropriate lessons.

-pupils can also bring a towel and wash kit if they would like to shower after the lesson.

If a pupil does not have their own kit, they will be provided with spare clothing from school supplies and expected to wear it. On some occasions if pupils do not have appropriate kit, they may be required to do written PE work in place of a practical session. Repeated refusal or failure to change for PE may result in detention.