Elemore Hall School believes that sensitive and well planned admission to and leaving from the school are crucial to the success of a placement and future prospects of the young people educated here. A poor introduction and start to the school will be very difficult to overcome in the future. Leaving is also a crucial time for the young people, as a stepping stone for the next stage of their lives and must also be managed sensitively and appropriately. Please see our Admissions and Leaving Policy for more details.

Starting Elemore Hall School

The process of a pupil entering the school is as follows:

  • Initial referral for a pupil is made to the school from the Local Authority. This is in the form of an Education, Care and Health Plan (ECHP), outlining the areas of need and difficulties that the pupil has faced in the past. There should also be any other information relevant to the pupils’ placement. The school cannot take referrals through any other route.

  • The Headteacher will read the referral, EHCP and accompanying notes, to assess appropriateness of the placement. If a pupil appears to be outside the remit of the school, the LA is contacted and reasons for this are given. Where possible an appropriate alternative placement is suggested.

  • If a referred pupil appears to be appropriate for the school then their papers are passed to the Transition Coordinator who arranges an appointment for the pupil and their parents/carers to visit for a tour of the school.

  • During their visit to the school, the pupil and their parents/carers get the opportunity to see all areas, including living units. The young person is engaged as much as possible, to find out their views and feelings, interests and areas of difficulty. Getting to know as much background information about the pupil gives a better chance that a positive start can be made into the school. The tour is usually done by the Transition Coordinator in conjunction with the Deputy Headteacher, though other senior staff members can also fulfil this role. During the tour a closer assessment of the pupil and their needs is made, giving a clearer idea of the suitability of the placement.

  • At the end of the tour the prospective pupil and their parents/carers will usually spend some time with the Headteacher to discuss the prospect of placement at the school. If the pupil, parents/carers and school feel that the placement would meet the needs of the pupil then a provisional start date is arranged.

  • Parents are asked to complete forms giving the school essential information such as emergency contact numbers and permission forms.

  • Whenever possible the parent will be introduced to the Personal Tutor so that this important relationship can be initiated.

  • Prospective parents will provided with a copy of the Statement of Purpose and pupils with a Pupil Guide.

  • SEN Placement and Provision Section at County Hall is contacted to confirm a start date for the young person to begin attending the school.

  • For pupils who are going to be resident at Elemore Hall, a home visit is arranged with the parents/carer, allowing the school to get a feeling for the home background and also to ascertain medical and social information.

  • On arrival at the school, the pupil is greeted by a member of the senior management. They are then introduced to their personal tutor, where possible, or another member of the meet and greet staff who will guide them on what to do in the morning on arrival and introduce them appropriately to other pupils and staff. The pupil is then introduced to their class group.

  • During their first day, new pupils will be seen regularly by staff to ensure that they are settling in to school and the routines. At the end of the day this will be checked again and staff will contact home to reassure parents. This on-going support will continue throughout the pupils time at Elemore, although the checking with pupils and contact with parents will become more dependent upon pupil’s needs.

Leaving Elemore Hall School

It is a feature of the school that at some point all pupils will leave. Reasons for leaving the school are varied and include:- reaching of statutory school leaving age, transfer to another special school or provision, transfer to mainstream school, move away from the area, long term illness. Pupils are as well prepared as possible for leaving with the process beginning as soon as they are admitted. This is to try to make the transition from Elemore Hall as seamless as possible. There are a number steps which take place, outlined below.

  • The Transition Coordinator and an independent careers guidance worker from the LA are invited to attend all the pupils’ annual reviews from year 8, and initial thoughts on career aspirations are looked into.

  • During year 10 the pupil will have the opportunity to have formal interviews with the Transitions Coordinator and Careers support from the local authority, discussing the pupil’s areas of interest and looking at different routes available to them post 16. Interviews are also held in year 11.

  • During years 10 and 11 the pupils have careers based lessons in a number of relevant subjects to give them advice on a variety of skills, including form filling, completing application forms, writing CVs and interview techniques. Careers lessons at Elemore are largely individualised and from the Transitions Coordinator to support pupils in making appropriate choices.

  • Throughout years 10 and 11 the pupils can spend time in colleges, learning skills and seeing the differences between the more formalised education in school and tertiary education.

  • To ease the transition to permanent life at home, and to meet individual needs, the number of nights a pupil is resident is flexible. This allows the number of resident nights to be gradually reduced over time as a full reintegration to their home environment takes place. Whilst residential overnight stays are reduced, they are initially replaced by extended evenings. By undergoing this staggered process the impact of the final leaving date is reduced not only for the pupil, but also for the parents/carers and family of the pupil.

  • After leaving, Pupils who were in Year 11 will be presented with their Progress Files. If possible this will be done at the Christmas School Meeting once certificates have come through from the examination boards. If this is not possible then the file will be passed on personally by the Transition Coordinator..

  • After leaving most pupils (and their parents) are welcome to contact the school for informal support and encouragement in their new lives.

  • The Transitions Coordinator will work closely with those about to leave the school and prepare them, their parents/carers and their destination (e.g. education placement, training, work place) for the transition. The Transition Coordinator will continue to remain in touch with pupils after they have left the school in order to continue to provide support, encouragement, etc., and to reduce the possibility of a pupil not continuing with their studies, etc.

We would very much welcome ongoing contact from past pupils to let us know how you are getting along. We are trying to set up a page on this website where we can show what great things past pupils are doing once they have left. Please get in touch with the school and let us know.