Our vision for Elemore Hall is to create a happy, positive, successful and worthwhile place to be for all members of the school community.


  • To encourage parents to be included and interested in their child’s education and provide regular opportunities for information sharing
  • To run activities during the year designed to encourage cooperation between pupils and staff from across the school
  • To ensure that pupils views are heard through regular meetings including PAMs, School Meeting and Junior Leadership Team
  • To provide a range of high quality curriculum subjects leading to accreditation
  • To expect all pupils to achieve accreditation in Mathematics and English
  • To encourage all members of the school community to read for pleasure
  • To ensure that pupils have access to an overt and ‘hidden’ 24 hour social curriculum to develop their personal, social and independence skills
  • To actively engage pupils in extended day and residential activities to develop their social skills
  • To involve all members of the school community in ensuring that the school environment is clean, tidy, safe, cared for and welcoming
  • To encourage a sense of belonging to the school
  • For staff to feel that they are making a worthwhile contribution and that they are included, valued and motivated
  • For every member of the school community to be the best that they can be
  • To use the school grounds and environment to provide opportunities for education, development and enjoyment
  • To ensure that transition into the school is well planned and supportive
  • To ensure that all pupils have well considered and supported plans for moving on from Elemore post16
  • To encourage every member of the school community to be a good and responsible citizen
  • To promote ‘Britishness’ as a sense of identity and belonging
  • To have a positive attitude towards opportunities and development


  • Honesty and integrity are essential in working successfully together
  • A willingness to give things a go and get involved in school events sets a good example to others, opens up opportunities and develops our self esteem and confidence
  • Support and care for others efforts, achievements and feelings help us succeed, celebrate and recover
  • Commitment, endeavour and resilience help us to see things through to the end
  • Inquisitiveness and a desire to learn are important qualities that help people to understand the world around them better
  • Respect for our self improves personal appearance and attitude and has a positive impact on relationships with others and learning
  • Respect for others and their cultures, beliefs, faiths and differences encourages openness, sharing, teamwork, tolerance and decreases bullying
  • Respect for buildings, environment and equipment help make school a better place to be for everyone
  • Presenting ourselves well at all times creates a good impression to others
  • Following the rules, systems and policies in school ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them
  • We seek to be happy through being positive, optimistic and safe